reputation bankruptcy

reputation bankruptcy
Сленг: теоретическая система возобновления интереса к персоне посредством удаления всех @её фотографий, досье и записей в интернете

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  • reputation bankruptcy — n. A theoretical system that would give a person a fresh start on the web by deleting all of that person s online text, photos, and other data. Example Citations: To allow people to escape from negative scores generated by these services,… …   New words

  • e-mail bankruptcy — n. The state of being unable or unwilling to read and respond to all the e mail messages one has received, and so to delete those messages and start over again. Also: email bankruptcy. Example Citations: Last month, venture capitalist Fred Wilson …   New words

  • goodwill — That value attributed to a business that is not tangible, but arises from the reputation, expertise, service or some other intangible that attaches to the business and makes it have more worth than just the value of its assets. (Dictionary of… …   Glossary of Bankruptcy

  • twimmolation — n. The destruction of a person s career or reputation caused by lewd or insensitive Twitter posts. [twitter + immolation.] twimmolate v. Example Citations: Twimmolation Suicide by Twitter. Shashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi are its leading… …   New words

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  • Internet — altmetrics ambient findability arachnerd bid shielding bitcom black hole resort blog blogosphere …   New words

  • data exhaust — n. The digitally trackable or storable actions, choices, and preferences that people generate as they go about their daily lives. Example Citations: In Brin s way of thinking, each of our lives is a potential contribution to scientific insight.… …   New words

  • data fast — n. The act of turning off your computer and other electronic equipment for an extended period of time. Also: information fast. Example Citations: Go on what David Shenk calls data fasts . Take a week in the country away from all the noise to… …   New words

  • data hygiene — (day.tuh HY.jeen) n. Principles and practices that serve to maintain accuracy in computer data. Example Citation: Data hygiene the art of keeping a direct mail database clean and up to date could prove to be the most irritating new buzzword of… …   New words

  • data shadow — n. The trackable data that a person creates by using technologies such as credit cards, cell phones, and the Internet. Example Citation: It s not only spam that worries Garfinkel. It s the power that businesses wield with personal information.… …   New words

  • dataveillance — n. The ability to monitor a person s activities by studying the data trail created by actions such as credit card purchases, cell phone calls, and Internet use. Example Citation: Many Canadians don t realize how extensive electronic surveillance… …   New words


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